February 9 / Leadership Development / Doing the RIGHT Thing

Polarcus is an innovative marine geophysical company based in the UAE. A complex and ambitious company, with a pioneering environmental agenda and world-class aspirations. Their leaders need to be able to navigate a high-hazard industry in an uncertain world.


They requested W2’s help to work with firstly their board members and senior leaders to help build ambition and capability, to facilitate the acceleration of their culture, and to deliver their growth goals. Following this programme, W2 then designed and delivered a highly innovative 4-day simulated learning experience for the operational leaders.


  • We held conversations with key clients to obtain their insights and areas for improvement
  • We designed an online climate survey to establish the culture maturity of the organisation
  • The results identified clear needs, and this was invaluable in creating the leadership workshops
  • To develop leaders skills, knowledge and attitudes, we use a rainbow of different facilitation methods that includes: case studies; best practice modelling; story telling; video; practical team exercises; professional role players assisting in leadership skills practice, with coaching and feedback; review and practical application discussions. 


  • We designed and delivered an extremely innovative learning development programme that takes the participants into a simulated world and explores possibilities and innovations, before transferring them back into the real world of Polarcus, and applying the learning and action plans there.
  • Senior and Operational Leaders rated the workshops 5.5 out of 6.

Sponsor’s feedback

W2 developed leadership seminars for senior, field and office leaders. It is tailor-made to fit the Culture of Polarcus and integrates the best of leadership skills training. We can say it is an overwhelming success and rapidly gained the reputation of a ‘must attend’ seminar. It has been, without a doubt, the best investment we have made in our drive to strengthen and further develop our culture.

Participants’ feedback

Great overall experience – never had anything like this in my life!

Would highly recommend this course

Great course for building team work.

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