Teach a man to fish...

With 25 years’ experience of designing and delivering training, we love to coach people responsible for building the capability and performance of others, in what we have learned that really works.

Trainers Academy transforms your people’s confidence, skills and knowledge in the design and delivery of four critical core competencies within all organisations: Presentations, Training, Business Coaching and Facilitation.

We work on a ratio of a maximum of 7 participants to 1 learning facilitator, to ensure you benefit from lots of practice and personal coaching and feedback.

Developing your own in-house capability with a champion group of Presenters, Trainers, Coaches or Facilitators enables you to embed and sustain the improvements that organisations need in a very cost-efficient way.

One year on I apply what I learned. Every day I try to change, not just with training but with everything I do, I try to find different ways to achieve goals and try and help others benefit from my actions when possible. I usually ask myself is there a better way to do this and if so why am I not doing it.

Schlumberger Trainer, Africa

Featured Programs

Training Professional Trainers

5-day Masterclass – In-house or public workshops

Training the Trainer Foundations

Practical Programme – In-house or public workshops

Coaching Skills Training

2-day Practical Programme – In-house or public workshops

Facilitation Skills Training

2-day Practical Programme – In-house or public workshops

Presentation Skills Training

2-day Practical Programme – In house or public workshops

Organisations who have benefited

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