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February 9 / Leadership Development / Step Up


This leadership programme and the philosophy of Safety Through Everyone’s Participation has become embedded in the culture of the organisation and supply chain. The workforce proactively participates in safety to reduce incidents on site.


VINCI, as principal contractor, wanted to encourage everyone who works for and with the company to make a deeper personal commitment to act safely themselves. Their aim was continuous improvement towards achieving zero accidents on site and in the workplace.


W2 designed and delivered a programme of leadership involving highly participative engagement workshops at all levels of the organisation.

  • Developed leadership capability in strong, visible, and proactive safety leadership and personal responsibility.
  • Coached people to be motivated and knowledgeable in behaviours and skills of Safety Culture and Leadership.
  • Inspired people with a deeper understanding of and commitment to HSE, demonstrated by the “footprint” they leave.


  • W2 has delivered over 200 workshops to some 4000 participants from VINCI, plus subsidiary companies including Taylor Woodrow, Roger Bullivant, Bachy Soletanche, and VINCI’s Joint Venture projects  with Network Rail and Bam Nuttall.
  • STEP Up has been extended to incorporate close-call reporting, site welfare and safety engagement with subcontractors.
  • The STEP Up brand and distinctive logo are used as a visual reminder on site clothing and PPE.
  • Feedback shows 97% of people said they had changed behaviour.
  • 93% said they were practising and using the skills and tools.



Managing Directors’ Feedback

This programme promotes ‘positive and proactive safety leadership’, and it is this behaviour which, I believe, will make a fundamental difference to the health and safety on projects, sites and facilities’ operations. Having a high level of health and safety across our operations is vital to our ongoing success; people implement the lessons learnt from the workshop into their daily activity. The course is designed to develop VINCI’s people in the art and skills of Safety Culture and Leadership.

Sponsor’s feedback

One of the hallmarks of W2 is that they do not attempt to impose their solutions on your business but rather to work alongside and, with lots of good ideas and years of experience, assist you to develop effective training solutions which fit your situation.

Following this process, and even when the training course is running, there will be a continual review of what is working and what needs to be amended.

VINCI have, therefore, developed and been successfully running a range of Health and Safety Leadership/behavioural change training courses with W2‘s assistance for a number of years now. I can say that the W2 planning, implementation and record keeping has been faultless, their trainers being of a very high professional standard.

Participants’ feedback

We have reduced accidents, attained a 100% BP accreditation on safety, and won two BP H&S awards in recognition.

When I walk onto a site, the first thing I now naturally look at is how the site is set up and how people are working from an H&S perspective, rather than the general progress and quality. I have also since focused on our key supply chain, encouraging them to attend our VINCI STEP Up 1 and 2-day safety courses.

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