It’s all about Safety

It’s all about Safety

February 14 / admin / Culture, News

At W2 we believe as I am sure you do, that it is completely unacceptable for people not to return home safely from work at the end of each day, and yet 137 workers were killed at their place of work in the UK in 2016/2017. The three main causes of these fatalities were;

  • being struck by a moving vehicle
  • fall from height
  • being struck by a moving object

We can all reflect on our contribution in prevention, as everyone has a part to play in safety.

  • What are my behaviours? Am I modelling good safe behaviours?
  • How am I influencing through my personal example?
  • How much energy and effort am I generating in myself and in others towards safety improvements?
  • How much personal responsibility and accountable do I take for safety in my role, for my organisation and colleagues?

Read more about the headline results by clicking on the link below:

Have a Safe Day!


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